1 Year Guarantee

No Risk Guarantee To Homeowner's For Small Quality Retail Purchases

We offer a 1 year replacement guarantee on all plants ordered for home owners under 10 plants of 1 variety . Simply return the item to 856 Main St Altamont Tn 37301 ( only return via Ups or fedex. we have no us mail receptical) or send us pictures of the scratch test done where the plants are dead via email to with your name and order # and we will issue you an in store credit 365 days from the time of purchase if your plants does not live. To see if your tree or shrub is dead, take a knife and scratch the barn on the trunk and if it's white or green inside, the plant is alive, if it's dead, it will be brown on the inside. This is honestly the only way of knowing and we would want to see this.

We oly offer in store credits on returns, no refunds. With an in store credit, you can order what you want instead of us replacing what you purchased in case you'd prefer another item instead. We seldom must but do reserve the right to substitute a plant for one of equal or greater value.If you do not want substitutions, please put us a note in checkout “no subs” and we will honor this. We do no refunds. We only do in store credits for future orders or re-orders of the plants you lost.  


Wholesale Warranty For Quantities Over 10 Plants Ordered at Wholesale Prices

 For Wholesale Large Volume Orders 10+ Plants or More - We guarantee all plants to arrive in excellent condition. No further warranties are impressed, implied or offered after 24 hours of receival on quantities ordered on  any item ,which is considered bought at a lower wholesale price. If you have a problem with a large quantity order, Immediately email us within 24 hours or all warranties are null and void, calls are not sufficient. We also reserve the right to substitute any product for one similar or of same or greater value unless you write a comment in checkout (under messages) specifying "no substitutions".

We package all plants in boxes and breakage seldom happens. We are not responsible for carrier damage or lost in transit items . Customer must file claims for any problems they may have with carrier damage or lost items. Insurance is available upon request.

Plant Shortages

Our plants are counted 4 different times before they ship and unless we find evidence one of your packages got damaged, we seldom honor shortage claims

Order Cancelling

Once you place your order online, the order is sent directly to the fields. If you need to cancel your order we will be happy to do so unless it's left our office to be dug in the tree farms. Reason being is because our workers go to the fields to dig our plants does not have cell phone reception in most areas they dig in and there's no way we can contact them and tell them not to dig after it leaves our office. No exceptions.

If you refuse your order and return it, will will not accept it. We ship fragile bare root plants and there is a short window on them needing planted after received. They would be dead by the time we received them back. 

Ship Dates

Please do not put a desired ship date in comments of your order or call and request specific dates to ship or receive. We get over 30,000 orders a year and this is impossible to do. We however do give you the customer options as to when to ship (mid or late April, spring & fall, depending on season we are currently in). We will not be able to pay attention to any other shipping requests than the option you select when ordering.