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Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

Our tree nursery is not your run of the mill nursery; we are the grower. When shopping at an online nursery, it's essential to find the lowest price and the best quality. Our products are USDA certified, and we are licensed to ship to all states and 13 foreign countries. We only sell bare root plants, but our availability exceeds over 3000 acres. We guarantee you a pleasant experience shopping online in our store and ensure your satisfaction when your plants get delivered. We dig all stock fresh, take to our distribution center and prepare for immediate shipping. We apply Tera-Sorb, a moisture enriched gel to every root of every plant and tree we ship. Then we surround the root system with peat moss for added moisture and surround roots with plastic. Then we use corrugated boxes and ship USPS. All stock delivers within 2-4 days.

A Reputable Online Nursery Is Important When You're Ordering Plants Online

Our nursery has been in the industry for over 60 years and three generations. We are located in Altamont Tennessee and ship right from our warehouse on Main Street. We offer large quantities to satisfy large bulk orders, as well as small quantity orders for the home-owner wanting a couple of plants for their lawn. When you buy plants from the grower, your eliminating the middle man and brokers saving 60-80% less than standard retail garden centers. We also donate plants to many universities, see how we are appreciated for being an authority in the nursery industry.We also offer a 1 year warranty on all homeowners quantities. Anything a homeowner purchases from our store can be returned for up to 1 full year and receive credit. We offer wholesale quantities a 24-hour warranty to open packages, inspect plants and make sure all is correct with them. We have been in the nursery industry well over a century and guarantee you the finest garden plants around.