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Ajuga Reptans Plant


Description: - Ajuga - Ajuga reptans Hardy Planting Zones- 4-10 Sun or Shade – Shade, Sun Mature Height - Under 6" Mature Width- 6-18" Bloom Season – Spring, Summer Gardener Status- Beginner (Low Maintenance)
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    Ajuga Reptans - bugleweed

    The Ajuga reptans is also known as a bugle, blue bugle, bugleweed, bugle here, common bugle, and carpetweed. Botanically this plant belongs to the genus Ajuga and the family Lamiaceae, which is a part of the mint family. Planted in the right location, this will return to flower every year.The plant gets flowers that can be blue, white or pink that blooms in the spring and summer. This plant has foliage that is a purple burgundy color and is suitable for use as a ground cover. This plant can be used as a colorful ground cover in areas with erosion or sloped land. The plant likes partial sun but will grow in a more sunny location. It is a low maintenance plant and can be used in containers with other types of flowers and ferns. The plant likes well-drained soil and water during hot, dry periods of summer. The plant spreads aggressively by using runners, and it can be invasive if not controlled in garden beds which is the primary care required. The plant grows well in the north with only controlling growing areas, while in the south it will need to be watched for crown rot or Southern blight. This is a fungus (Sclerotium rolfsii) that can be prevented with well-draining soil. This is an excellent plant to use for ground cover in landscaping hard to handle areas because it is low maintenance and it will choke out weeds and stop erosion. It is best planted in an area where nothing else is planned to be used for other plants since it is fast growing and can overtake other plants. 

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    1. Had to buy more

      Had to buy more plants because my others are doing so good on Mar 31st 2017

    2. Good quality

      All around good online plant nursery on Mar 31st 2017

    3. Few issues

      I had a few problems getting to speak to someone live but knew it was busy season. Finally someone called me back and things were worked out. Thank you for the time on Mar 31st 2017

    4. Fast growing

      It is fast growing and doing well. Cant wait to see what this season holds on Mar 31st 2017

    5. Keep it

      Definitely a keeper in my book! on Mar 29th 2017

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