Appalachian Sedge

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Latin Name-Carex Appalachlica Hardy Zone- 3-7 Mature Height-1ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Appalachian Sedge Grass – Carex appalachica

Appalachian sedge is a native to the United States. The graceful sedge is perfect for growing on masses, slopes, or as a lawn alternative. Appalachian sedge is a beautiful textures sedge that was first found in the woodlands regions from Maine all the way down to Kentucky. The clump growing sedge is considered an endangered species as it is hard to see in the wild. It contains narrow foliage that lies at a foot long in large mounds that are about six inches off the ground. When the sedges are planted on masses or slopes, the foliage curves and swirls and moves along with the hills. The sedge lives on dry soil in the wild as it is typically found in dry deciduous forests when it grows in the wild. It became the best when it is covered in the shade and planted in warmer regions, as it doesn't adapt to cold conditions well.

Appalachian sedge is an excellent addition to most gardens. It is low maintenance and has naturally beautiful curving, swaying, intermingling foliages. Once planted, the only thing the sedge needs to dry is regular watering for the first couple of weeks as the roots take hold of the soil; otherwise, the low maintenance plant grows and blooms primarily on its own as long as it is planted in dry to slightly moist soil and under the shade. An Appalachian sedge is an excellent option for gardens in the warmer regions. The low maintenance, vibrantly green plant is the pop of color every garden needs.

Appalachian sedge grass is an attractive plant for lawns, gardens, around trees, and even for growing in pots. Used as an alternative to regular weed in many places to eliminate the need for mowing, this plant grows in clumps from twelve to twenty-four inches tall and about four to eight inches around. It is perfect for gardens, to stop erosion, and for borders along driveways or walkways.