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Appalachian Sedge – Carex Appalachica For Sale Online
Appalachian Sedge

Appalachian Sedge


Description: Latin Name-Carex Appalachlica Hardy Zone- 3-7 Mature Height-1ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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    Appalachian Sedge Grass – Carex appalachica

    Appalachian sedge grass is an attractive plant for lawns, gardens, around trees, and even for growing in pots. Used as alternative for regular grass in many places to eliminate the need for mowing, this plant grows in clumps from twelve to twenty-four inches tall and about four to eight inches around.  It is perfect for gardens, to stop erosion, and for borders along driveways or walkways. 

    The long slender leaves are a medium green. The plant produces light green modest blossoms on the tips of the leaves in the early to late spring and early summer. The blooms are small and star-shaped and are barely noticeable. One of the wonderful things about this grass is the way the fine leaves cascade downward as the wind touches the blades mimicking the movement of water. This grass truly makes it a beautiful plant for any area. 

    Appalachian sedge grass will grow in a variety of areas in the US from Pennsylvania to northern Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas. It is also suitable for the central US west to Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and parts of California and Arizona. The grass will grow in average, acidic, and clay as well as poor soil types. It is drought tolerant and as an evergreen will add appeal virtually all year. 

    The wind does not harm this plant; it actually enhances its beauty. Appalachian sedge grass is low maintenance because it grows under so many different conditions. All that is required is some trimming of dead leaves occasionally. It does not require a lot of water and prefers areas that drain well making it a favorite of gardeners. It does not need a lot of sun and prefers full to partial shade especially in warm climates. It is pest resistant and deer and other plant-eating animals do not bother this grass.
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