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Arrow Arum Plant

Arrow Arum Plant


Description: Latin Name- Asarum Arifolium Hardy Planting Zones- 2-9 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 6-8" Mature Width- 6-15"
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    Arrow Arum - Peltandra virginica

    The Arrow Arum, also known as Tuckahoe or Duck Corn, is a bright green perennial aquatic plant with unique arrow-shaped leaves growing from an embedded rootstock. The leaves can reach 30 inches long and up to 8 inches wide, and the entire plant reaches 2-3 feet tall in maturity. It grows in attractive clumps. Small white to pale yellow flower spikes bloom in late spring to early summer and later mature into pods of berries. The berry pods weigh down the usually upright clusters of plants until they are eaten or split open. In the wild, the arrow arum can form a stout buffer along ditches or ponds and provides shelter and food to waterfowl and other aquatic animals. They are also found in swamps and wetlands. It keeps to shallow, slow-moving water no more than 18 inches deep.

    It is hardy to zone 4 and grows naturally throughout the northeast in wetlands and shallow water, preferring partial sun to light shade. When cultivated, arrow arum can make an impressive container plant or a waterside accent. This plant prefers deep, silty, saturated soils with a pH between 3.0 to 9.5. It does well with fertilization in soils with low organic matter. When planted in a fish pond, arrow arum should be trimmed down at the end of the growing season to prevent plant material from decaying in the water over the winter. Otherwise, the arrow arum is low-maintenance. It can be placed in up to 18 inches of water. This native plant is ideal for those looking to attract ducks, pollinators, and other wildlife to a water feature. Their nutrient uptake also helps keep ponds clean. Arrow arum contributes to the natural landscape and encourages visitors like deer, muskrat, rails, and birds.

    Arrow arum can be cultivated by seed or by removing offsets from an existing colony.
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