Bamboo Plant

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Latin Name- Arundinaria gigantea Hardy Zone- 6-10 Mature Height- 1-98ft Sun Or Shade- Little Sun
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Bamboo - Bambusoideae

The Bamboo plant is commonly known as river cane and is one of the most exotic plants. No matter what the region there is a good chance that the bamboo plant can grow there as it is incredibly versatile. The trunk can grow up to 12 inches in diameter, and it can grow between three to eight feet tall. There are over 1,000 species of bamboo, proof that they are a highly adaptable plant capable of surviving in many climates. The species of bamboo native to North America are river cane, hill cane, and switch cane.

High growing bamboo is valued as a windbreak and privacy screen. The hard stalks range in color from yellows and greens to exotic silvers, grays, and black. Regardless of color or size of the stalk, all bamboo leaves have a more significant length than width. The leaves are gentle and frond-like, providing a delicate contrast against the sturdy stem. From the size and thickness of bamboo, it is often easy to forget that bamboo is grass. It is an evergreen perennial that will swiftly grow to its full height, much like any grass.

Bamboo plants are frequently grown in containers where their growth can be controlled and maintained. Frequent watering is necessary as is frequent fertilization when grown in pots. When grown in outdoor stands, plants should be started in the spring. In-ground bamboo requires roughly an inch of water per week after it is established. At the time of planting, apply a thick layer of compost but avoid fertilizing until the plants are established. Bamboo is evergreen but will drop leaves in spring while new leaves are emerging. Bamboo is a notoriously fast grower and running bamboo will send new bamboo plants up through its rhizome root system. Clumping bamboo does not spread. Instead, it grows in bunches like other types of grass.