Big Bluestem Grass

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Latin Name- Andiopogon Gerardii Hardy Zone-5-9 Mature Height-6ft Width-3ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Big Bluestem Grass - Andropogon gerardi

Big Bluestem Grass, also known as turkey foot, is a hardy perennial native to the Great Plains. Big bluestem grows in large clumps that add a natural, nostalgic feel to any landscape. During spring and early summer, the tall stalks of grass are a vibrant, vivid green. In late summer and fall, they change to an attractive reddish bronze and produce a three-part seed pod that resembles the foot of a bird, hence the plant's nickname. In addition to being visually appealing, big bluestem grass has a number of environmental benefits. It helps prevent erosion and can be used as an eco-friendly feed for livestock. It is often included in restoration projects aimed at revitalizing prairie ecosystems.