Birds Foot Violet Plants

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Birds Foot Violet - Viola pedata Hardy Planting Zones - 4-8 Sun or Shade - Full Sun Mature Height - 0.25-0.50" Mature Width - 0.25-0.50" Bloom Season - Spring (March to May) Gardener Status - Beginner
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Bird Foot Violets

The Advantages Of Planting Bird-Foot Violets
Bird's-Foot Violets - Viola Pedata

The Bird's-Foot Violet is a perennial that has been attracting planters due to its gorgeous aesthetic for centuries. Its deep coloring consists of a bright, purple hue on its five-petal base, with a darker violet streak on the lowest petal. The Bird's-Foot Violet is not just beneficial regarding its attractive appearance. Planting these violets can be advantageous when it comes to creating teas at home. Many gardeners use violets to make a variety of teas that have soothing aspects. It has been said that Native Americans have historically used violets such as the Bird's-Foot Violet as the main ingredient in many of their medicinal teas.

Bird's-Foot Violets are also known for attracting a myriad of mammals and insects that are hugely beneficial to the environment. For instance, ants tend to be invited to the seeds within the violet and utilize them to make room for colonization. Once ants have populated the surrounding area, they manage to attract other insects and mammals as a result. Ants are a preferred food group among caterpillars, beetles, and birds. Every gardener wants an increased amount of wildlife in their garden which ants surprisingly contribute a great deal too.

These violets are also responsible for attracting more bees into your garden. Bees are an absolute essential species when it comes to a thriving garden due to their active roles in pollination. When bees are drawn to your garden for your Bird's-Foot Violets, they will also be benefiting your other plants with their pollination as well.

If you're searching for a perennial, that will bring you benefits aesthetically, environmentally, and medicinally, then Bird's-Foot Violets are the choice for you. Not only will it be rewarding to display their beauty in your garden, but it will provide you with several benefits beyond that.