Black Gum Tree (Tupelo)

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Common Name/ Latin Name- Nyssa sylvatica Hardy Planting Zones- Eastern U.S /native to Kentucky Mature Height- 30 to 50 feet Mature Width- 20 to 30 feet
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Black Gum Tupelo Tree - Ships In Size 1-3 Feet Height

The Black Gum Tupelo tree is an ornamental tree. Black Gum Tupelo Tree showcases a brilliant orange color in the fall. It also displays purple and yellow glossy foliage. The colors on the leaves usually grow from green, to yellow, orange and purple all in a matter of weeks. It has a beautiful form and structure in the winter months. It is known to produces a sour, tiny berry fruit. The body of the tree has a thick bark with drooping branches. While its foliage is beautiful, another striking characteristic is its bark and branches. Black Gum Tupelo Tree's delicate branches twist and divide into a flat twig angular shape. This tree ages gracefully and grows more beautiful as it gets older.

It is a native of North America. Wildlife finds it attractive. It is not unusual to see the tree surrounded by butterflies. Butterflies like the sweet nectar Black Gum’s flowers produce. Also, birds like the tiny berries. Displaying various hues of yellow, orange, bright red and purple, often on the same branch, its foliage is a stand-out of the autumn season. Even the distinctive bark, which resembles alligator hide, adds visual and textural interest. 

This tree thrives best when the soil is well-drained, moist and acidic. Black Gum Tupelo Tree tolerates extreme weather and wet conditions well. It is drought resistant. Black Gum is sensitive to pollution and will not endure alkaline conditions. This beautiful tree’s foliage is enhanced by the sun, producing a brilliant color. It does best in sunny conditions. Black Gum is highly resistant to insect problems and disease. It can also continue to grow even in standing water. This is a slow but steady growing tree. The Black Gum Tupelo Tree is a landscaper's dream as it will add beauty to any outdoor space. It is low maintenance because of its high tolerance level to various soils and moisture.