Black Haw Viburnum

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Latin Name- Viburnum Prunifolium Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 12-25 ft Width- 10-12 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun
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Black Haw Viburnum - Viburnum prunifolium

The Many Attributes Of Black Haw Viburnum Shrubs

The Black Haw Viburnum Shrub is magnificent and grows to twelve to fifteen feet in height. The growth rate is slow to medium and varies according to the temperature, soil, and light. The average price of growth is an increase in height from 12 to 24 inches each year. The spread is luscious, reaches six to twelve feet in diameter, and grows in a lovely rounded shape. This shrub thrives in Hardiness Planting Zones 3 to 9. The bush is low maintenance and will grow best in full sun to partial shade with almost any type of soil. This includes alkaline, acidic, moist, loamy, silty loam, rich and drought-like conditions. The ground should be kept at a medium to dry level. This shrub transplants exceptionally well.

The Black Haw Viburnum Shrub makes an excellent hedge or border for any garden. The shrub blooms every spring with plenty of crisp, snowy white flowers. The clusters vary in diameter from two to four inches, are creamy and smooth and have flat tops. Butterflies and birds are attracted to this shrub and will come to play and grace your garden. The bush has a beautiful appearance due to the floral clusters in the spring, and the transformation to vibrant purple and red hues every fall. The leaves are elliptical and gorgeous dark green. The Black Haw Viburnum is a lovely addition to any garden, provides excellent partitioning in a yard, and adds grace to every home.

The black fruit that grows on the shrub will be ripe by the fall and is delicious. Many individuals make spectacular jellies, jams, and preserves from the decadent fruit. The fruit is referred to as drupes and can be eaten while fresh. The fruit is approximately half an inch in length and first appears as rose or pink in color. As the fruit matures, it becomes a bluish-black.