Black Willow Shrub

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Latin Name- SALIX NIGRA USDA Climate Zone: 3 to 9 Mature Height: 60 to 90 ft Sun: Full or Partial Sun
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Black Willow - Silax Nigra

A member of the Willow family the Black Willow is a small tree 30-60 feet high. It grows best where moisture in the soil is abundant. Its leaves are simple, alternate and are lance-shaped. It produces small yellow-green flowers without petals. This plant is known as a soil binder which means its roots help to prevent soil from being washed away on river banks.

The Black Willow is a tree native to the eastern part of the United States. Black Willows enjoy continually moist soil, often sprouting in places like wetlands or along streams. As with all willows, the Black Willow has a unique appearance. The tree usually grows one large trunk. However, it can also produce more than one. In the springtime, the blooms have dangling catkins with tiny, flowerless petals. These catkins are up to 3 inches long and yellow to green in color.

Willows are useful in landscaping for some reasons. First of all, they tend to grow quickly. Secondly, they grow into a very full and delicate shape. This means a yard can have an elegant touch of willow branches in a relatively short amount of time. There is, however, one significant concern about using a willow tree in landscaping: Willows are notorious for strangling pipelines in search of water sources and therefore should not be planted near a house or other structure. If this can be mitigated, a plant like a Black Willow will add a considerable amount of character to your garden in the summer. By the winter months, its leave will likely drop.

The Black Willow is, for the most part, a reasonably resilient plant. Despite preferring moist environments, the Black Willow has managed to grow in many regions of the United States and Canada, including as far south as Texas and Florida to as far north as northern Quebec. Black Willows are natural but beautiful trees. Black willow is adapted wherever ample soil moisture is found. Black willow grows best where the average annual rainfall is 51 inches, of which 20 inches falls during the growing season, April through August.