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Autumn's Array of Colorful Foliages

Autumn's Array of Colorful Foliages

Oct 25th 2017

Autumn's Array of Colorful Foliages

Trees during the season of autumn can provide a wonderful array of colorful displays. If you find the right species of trees, you may even be able to coordinate a vibrant display of foliage during fall. In this article I will go over some of the most vivacious fall foliages.

By the time the earth reaches its autumnal equinox, the species G. biloba, commonly known as a Gingko, is known for its spectacularly vivid yellow leaves. These trees have the potential to grow up to 80' tall and have fan-shaped leaves that resemble a maidenhair fern.

Cotinus coggygria, also known as smokebush or smoketree, can come in a variety of colors. A non-hybrid smokebush will usually have yellow and/or orange red fall foliage. With the Royal Purple breed, the fall foliage is scarlet red. Finally, the Ancot breed turns a vivid orange during fall.

Cercidiphyllum japonicium, or the Katsura Tree, has densely packed, rounded leaves. During fall, they will begin to display a yellow or pinkish hue. Additionally, the Katsura tree gives off a spicy/sweet aroma when the leaves begin to die.

Witch Hazel is a native species to the United States and has a combination of colorful fall foliages, beautiful flowers and a spicy aroma. Even after all the leaves have fallen, the yellow Witch Hazel flowers will persist, adding color to a rather dull winter landscape.

Maple trees may be the most familiar of all fall foliages with their iconic shaped leaves. They are the quintessential species indigenous to New England, and have served to attract thousands of gawking tourists and enthusiasts each year. Maple trees can provide brilliant shades of orange, red and yellow. They can grow to an astounding 75 feet, but there are other kinds of maples that can accommodate a smaller yard as well.