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Berry Plants Many Advantages

Berry Plants Many Advantages

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 30th 2016

Berry Plants

Everyone loves to go pick blackberries that grow wild, but what about growing the same juicy fruits right at home? These plants peak during the June and July season and produce the most amazingly plump berries and are relatively easy to grow.

Black berries are stocked full of anthocyanins and are a super healthy food. Unlike other fruits that ripen when they are picked, the black berry must ripen on the vine. Back berries grow in two different varieties, thorny and thornless. While easier to pick and maintain the thornless, the thorny versions are said to produce the sweeter of the fruits. These amazing bushes are perfect for creating jams and pies. Blackberry bushes are considered a perennial and they can grow as tall as 10 feet. These bushes do not need a lot of nutrients to grow, but they do not like a really moist soil. As a matter of fact, these bushes are so hardy that they can tolerate drought conditions. Most bushes will begin to produce succulent fruits on the second year of maturity.


Unlike the Black Berry fruits, the Blue Berry bushes will require the right type of soil to grow properly. However; they can be planted even in a container and they will grow. These plants need full sun to grow and develop properly. The Blue Berry plant will begin to product fruits about the third year of maturity, but it could take up to 6 years to get a fully harvested crop. Once matured, the blue berry bush can yield up to 8 quarts of fruit. These fruiting shrubs have fruits that start out a green and turn to an amazing purple-blue. Blueberries are a self-fertile fruit, but using cross pollination will produce a significantly larger crop.

Raspberries are not only beautiful in appearance but tasty too. These little berries are a great edition in most gardens. The Raspberry bush is a little trickier to keep, but not nearly as hard as strawberries and worth all the effort. Because these berries grow at nearly chest height, they are super easy to pick; no back breaking workout. The most popular versions of the plant are summer-fruiting. Raspberry plants are immortal, outlasting other plants estimated lifetime of 10 years.

Dewberry Plants are not as popular as some of the other berries, but they are very similar to the raspberry plant. They are gaining attention of growers because they are hardy plants and do not need any modifications made to the soil to grow them. These plants will take around 4-5 years to begin to produce fruit, but once they do, the results are amazing. Fruits are ready in the summertime around July or August to eat. This berry bush does well with a trellis or fence. These purple-red berries can be found growing wild in some parts of the country, or make the perfect addition to a garden. They are known to have healing properties and are used for medicinal purposes.

Planting berry bushes or plants can take organic growing to a whole new level. As one of the most expensive types of fruits to buy, an entire bush can be worth the hassle for the amazing fruits that it provides to the grower.