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​Some of the beautiful Varieties of Ferns.

​Some of the beautiful Varieties of Ferns.

Posted by Tammy Sons on Apr 4th 2018

Some of the beautiful Varieties of Ferns.

Cinnamon Fern

The Cinnamon Fern is a wild fern that comes in two varieties: fertile and infertile ferns. The Cinnamon Fern stands straight up and comes in a few varieties with different color options. For fertile Cinnamon Ferns, a cinnamon colored frond will grow on the plant in a brown color while the sterile fronds will remain green. When both varieties are planted next to one another, the contrast can create a beautiful look for homes. The appearance of the fern is that of a vase-shape, and the plant grows quite high up to 6ft. This plant should be planted in spring because Cinnamon Ferns do not do well during frosted seasons. Most homeowners should plant the ferns in two feet intervals, however, for homeowners who live in tropical areas, six-foot intervals are recommended. Cinnamon Ferns should be planted in moist areas and will need to be watered regularly if the soil is not naturally soggy. To help with growth, add compost to drier soils. The Cinnamon Fern is typically planted in a garden setting but also adds a unique and stately look to homes when planted near the base of trees. It can also bring a woodland feel to the home.

Chain Fern

The chain fern is one of the most delightful trees that you will ever find. It has a very nice set of leaves that make it stand out as a quality tree. The leaves of this tree are green and have a pointed tip. They look very similar to Christmas trees in its physical makeup. As well as having pointed green leaves, this tree grows to about 3 to 5 feet in height. Due to its compact size and attractive leaves, this tree makes an excellent addition to any landscaping. Regarding lifespan, this tree can live for nearly 50 years and therefore be around for some generations. When it comes to planting this tree, it is best to plant it in areas with moist soil and wooded areas.

The Glade Fern

The Glade Fern or Diplazium pycnocarpon is a native perennial fern that develops a cluster of ascending leaves about 3.5 inches tall. It is normally found growing in the moist ground instead of the typical mossy rocks. The Glade Fern makes a beautiful addition to your hanging plants whether indoor or out. Leaves can reach a length of 3" and grow to 9" wide. They have a feather-like appearance with 20 -30 pairs of leaflets. They have an overall elliptic-oblong contour. The slender stalks are up to 1' long, angular, and silky smooth to slightly chaffy. They are burgundy at the bottom, turning green at the top. The central leaf is light green and silky smooth; they are flat with grooves along the higher sides. Single leaflets are the longest, growing up to 4½" long in the middle of each leaf, but slightly smaller near the bottom and top. They are linear lance-shaped and mostly smooth along their contours; sometimes their contours are slightly notched with blunt tiny teeth like ridges. The narrow leaflets have shortened to broad round bottoms and long slim tips. The slender stalks of leaves are light green and short.