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​The Advantages of Planting Vines

​The Advantages of Planting Vines

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 3rd 2017

Landscaping within your yard is a fun and exciting thing to do, but it can be challenging as well. Trying to determine what look you want and how to achieve that look can be difficult. All of the various types of plants, flowers, and bushes will give you a different structure and give your landscaping a variety of shapes. To finish off the look, you may want to consider adding vines. Arrowleaf Ginger

Vines are unusual plants that can be used to cover areas of the ground that look bare. Some are also great for adding a fantastic look to a fence or empty wall that you may have because they will climb an object. They will sprawl out and cover the areas that surround it. You can trim them to control the areas that they spread to as well as binding them away from specific areas if needed. There are some different types, and they all have a different look to them. Some of them will change to a different color within the fall, some will flower, and others have colorful berries.

The vinca minor is one type of vine that will flower. You will not only have a great looking plant that provides cover to the area you want, but it will produce beautiful flowers that will add to the look of your landscaping. The vinca minor has dark green colored leaves that would blend nicely with your other plants. It is a vine that does not climb but will spread out and cover the ground around it.


The English ivy is a favorite type of vine. This is due to its beauty and the way that it spreads. The leaves have a deep green color. They can also be grown in shaded areas as well as in sunny areas. English Ivy is a source of food for some birds giving it a purpose other than just its beauty. This type of vine will provide ground cover or climb objects that it is planted next to.

This plant is well known all around the world for its spreading vines and beauty. They plants deep green leaves add to almost any setting. These are used worldwide for ground coverings and arbors. They can be used in shaded areas under the cover of trees giving them a advantage over other plants. They also provide a excellent food source for birds.

The pachysandra is another vine that can be grown in both sunlight and shade. Part of what makes this plant so beautiful is the color of the leaves. When it is planted in the shade, the color of the leaves will be a dark green, but the more sunlight that it receives, the lighter green the color of the leaves will be. The pachysandra has flowers that grow and bloom, although it is for a short period.

Partridgeberry is a type of vine that produces berries, which can be eaten but are not very flavorful. The berries are red and mix well with the green leaves. This vine hugs the ground very carefully while it grows and spreads out. This closeness to the ground gives the partridge berry a look like no other vine has. This type of vine does not climb but creates a fantastic looking ground cover.


Landscaping with vines helps to give your yard an fantastic look.