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The Great Blue Lobelia

The Great Blue Lobelia

Posted by Tammy Sons on Apr 4th 2018

Great Blue Lobelia

The Great Blue Lobelia is more commonly known as the Great Blue Flower so that it's more easily recognizable when seeing one.

The Great Blue Lobelia is under the Campanulaceae group of flowers which can be found natively in Eastern North America, and in Missouri, in particular, all along streams, sloughs, springs, swamps, meadows, and in low wooded areas in that state.

The flowers tend to bloom from July to September every year.

These flowers are a great addition to any yard if you want something that will give off a great decoration once they have started to bloom and will last all through the Summer.

The Great Blue Lobelia grows best in a medium to wet soil while also getting full to partly sun shining on it. It needs moisture constantly for it to grow at its peak. Doing this will be sure to give you a beautiful array of showy flowers that can be a showpiece for any yard.

What you will see of the flower when it begins to bloom is a perennial which grows in clumps which make a light to a dark blue formation that a tubular. They are 2-lipped flowers with the lower lip having three lobes that look more prominent. The upper lip with has two lobes that look less prominent.

Flowers will start to bloom from the upper leaf which will then form a dense row along rigid, leafy stalks that are also unbranched. These stalks are usually about 2 to 3 inches tall. You will also have long lance-shaped leaves that are light green accompanying the flowers as well. The leaves typically grow out to be 5 inches long in late Summer.

The name of the plant came from the medical use of it which was used to treat venereal disease.

There are no known problems with the plant, although snails and slugs may damage the flowers.