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​Three Seeded Sedge

​Three Seeded Sedge

Posted by Tammy Sons on Apr 3rd 2018

Three Seeded Sedge

The three seeded sedge is one of the most common types of wild flower that is widely spread in America. It is a perennial type of flower that is found throughout the year here. Three seeded sedge is most commonly found in coniferous swamps, bogs, and we woods. This wild flower can grow up to eight to twenty-eight inches, and it does fruit during June and July. As you know, there are different kinds of sedge, but this three seeded sedge has features that are quite different from the others. It has about one to three stalks and fewer spikes that are separated from one another. At the base, all the spikes have few staminate and many female flowers at the tip

The leaves are basal and alternate, the ligule membranes are longer, its leaves are hairless and rough at the edges, and they are V-shaped when they are young. The stem is slender, three-sided and weak and is slightly rough. Stems often lean towards arching to the near prostate that does grow up to nearly two weeks when it has matured. The three seeded sedge develops seeds during the late spring through early summer. The pistillate spikes form a cluster of seeds. The pistillate spike does persist after the fruit has dropped off.

Most people who are not living in Minnesota do not know this type of sedge, but it is a good type of home flower and can be used in lawn decoration for it brings out the beauty that is unique. For those who want it, you can go to the nearby florist nursery and buy it as it is easy to grow in any soil that is well drained. For many who like to plant their lawns with plants and flower, three seeded sedge is good for it helps a lot. This species of sedge being unique is what makes it stand out than another sedge.