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Blue cohosh

Blue Cohosh


Description: Blue Cohosh-Caulophyllum thalictroides Hardy Planting Zones- 4-7 Sun or Shade – Partial Shade to Full Sun Mature Height - 2-4' Mature Width- 1-2' Bloom Season – Spring (April-June) Gardener Status- Novice
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    Blue Cohosh - Caulophyllum thalictroides 


    Blue cohosh is native to states in the eastern half of the United States as well as some areas in Asia. At maturity, this plant reaches a height of between one and three feet with a spread of six inches to one foot. The plant has a sturdy, upright stem and intricate blue-green foliage that grows from the middle of the stem. The three-lobed, veined leaves begin as a smoky blue color in spring and change to bluish-green later in the season, which compliments the beautiful clusters of blue seeds. These seed clusters can be used as lovely additions to autumn flower arrangements. Between April and June, half-inch yellow-green and brown-green flowers appear. These petite blooms each have six points. Native Americans relied on blue cohosh for widespread medicinal uses, especially for female issues. This perennial grows well in zones three to eight. The blue cohosh prefers partial shade to full shade and requires a moderate amount of water and maintenance. This plant enjoys shady woodland locations with moist, rich soils. It prefers neutral to slightly acidic conditions as well as loamy, clay soil. Blue cohosh grown from seed will take about three or four years to flower and spreads slowly over time by rhizomes to reproduce colonies. Young versions have a white, waxy bloom. The blue cohosh plant is resistant to both insects and diseases. Blue cohosh can be planted by the roots around 2.5 centimeters deep and spaced about 30 to 40 centimeters apart. This perennial attracts birds, who are happy to help distribute the many seeds, and other wildlife to a backyard landscape. While providing both pollen and nectar to bees and other beneficial insects, the blue cohosh stands out nicely among other wildflowers, ferns and sedges in a shade garden. 
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    1. Birds need to go

      Every time I start getting small berries the birds seem to eat them, I can't get them to go away and leave my stuff alone! on Apr 1st 2017

    2. Fast growing

      It is growing fast and producing a lot of color to it. I like the way it looks and is bringing alot of color on Mar 31st 2017

    3. Just what was needed

      It was the right height and the right amount of color for the area that I needed. Thank you for all your help when I called and felt so lost. on Mar 29th 2017

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