Blueberry Bush

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Blueberry Shrub - Vaccinium corymbosum

The blueberry bush can vary in size from 10 centimeters to four meters. Leaves of the bush are often light green and shaped like a bell with light pink or red striations. The blueberry usually has a crown at the end and are green when they begin to grow before turning blue.

A blueberry shrub is an attractive and practical addition to any yard. What an enticing landscaping feature to include a lovely shrub which also offers a delicious treat to those who pass by in the summer months! Blueberry bushes can be incorporated as hedges, shrub borders, or ornamental plants, and their attractive fruit can draw wildlife such as colorful birds, which are a joy to observe. These upright shrubs feature thin woody branches and dark green shiny leave. Within three to four years, a blueberry shrub will bear delectably sweet berries to enjoy. Deep blue fruit appear in thick clusters on the branches of the bush during the summer months, typically ripening in July and August. Although they fruit in the summer, blueberry shrubs offer year round enjoyment.

Spring brings small white or pink flowers, and in autumn, leaves change to combinations of red, orange, and yellow, adding to the fall foliage. Blueberry shrubs should be planted in early to mid spring in a sunny location with acidic soil. Because of their root structure, blueberries do best with consistently moist but not wet soil, so their area should be well draining. They can be planted in raised beds or even in large patio containers. This makes them an exciting option for anyone without a yard. Blueberry shrubs should be pruned annually for the best fruit growth. Blueberry bushes are easy to grow and can provide beauty to your landscaping as well as a homegrown summer snack.