Bridal Wreath Spirea

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Latin Name- Spiraea Prunifolia Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 4-10 ft Width- 2-3'ft , Sun or Shade- Full Sun
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Bridal Wreath Spirea - Spirea Vanhoutte

Bridal Wreath Spirea is a blooming shrub that yields massive amounts of white blooms throughout the early spring and into the summer. Some varieties bloom twice, depending on climate. While many spireas feature pink, red or yellow blooms, a right Bridal Wreath Spirea sports only white blossoms.

The shrub reaches heights up to 10 feet with a 20-foot spread. Provide your spirea with room to grow, and it will never fail to delight. Center it in your garden as a specimen plant or place it in a spot that would benefit from elevated spring blossoms. The plant's height and girth provide graceful elegance in areas near gazebos, patios or other open-air venues.

Bridal Wreath Spirea is a low-maintenance plant that brings high rewards. Even if the plant is severely pruned, blossoms will return. Pruning boosts flower production when done right after the plants' blooms die back. Deadheading the blooms can sometimes encourage a second bloom.

To encourage dense blooms, apply fertilizer in the spring and spread mulch to retain moisture. You will only need to water your shrub when rainfall is less than 1-inch per week. Otherwise, relax and enjoy your mature shrub's shade and its fragrant blossoms as you relax on your patio.

Bridal Wreath spirea has very flexible branches that can be used in bridal head wreaths. The branches curve gracefully toward the ground. The leaves are oval-shaped and measure 1”-3” long. They are a shiny, dark green color with soft hairs along the underside. You will find a lot of tiny serrations along the margins. In the fall, the leaves will turn a showy red, orange or yellow. The main feature of this bush is the tiny white flowers that will begin to appear in the spring to early summer. These dainty flowers will have five petals and will grow in clusters called corymbs. These clusters will be about 2.5” across.

These beautiful deciduous bushes will grow in zones 4-9 in well-drained, moist soil with a pH of 6.1-7.8. While they prefer to be in full sun, they can tolerate partial shade. Landscapers will use them in butterfly gardens, rock gardens, in pots and as a hedge. They will grow to be between 6’-10’ tall and as much as 20’ wide. They attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and deer.

Do not prune the bush until after the blooms have faded. When you do prune, make sure you cut as close to the main trunk as possible to control the size of your plant. If the weather damaged your bush, you would want to cut right above the point where the stem connects to the main trunk. Be sure to plant your shrubs 15 feet apart. Dig the hole as thick as your root ball, and twice as wide.

Bridal Wreath Spirea is one of the most beautiful shrubs to bloom soon after green grass and flowering bulbs herald the arrival of spring. The gracefully arched branches support an abundance of blooms that are typically white, but some varieties of the shrub produce pink, yellow or red flowers. The masses of white flowers adorning the most common Bridal Wreath make the graceful branches a popular addition to bridal bouquets.

Smaller varieties of Bridal Wreath have been developed with some being as little as 2 feet high. It should be noted that a sunny location will produce the best spring flowers, but an impressive display of blooms will still appear with less favorable growing conditions.