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Button Bush Shrub - Cephalanthus Occidentalis For Sale Online
Buttonbush shrub

Button Bush Shrub

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Description: Latin Name- Cephalanthus Occidentalis Hardy Planting Zone- 5-10 Mature Height- 6-12 ft Width- 6-8 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun OR Partial Shade
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Bareroot Button Plants are shipped Bareroot. See plants we ship.
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    Button Bush Live Stakes - Cephalanthus occidentalis

    Button bush live stakes grow quickly, and in ideal conditions, can reach heights of 15 feet. However, an average height is more in the 10-foot range with an equal branch spread. These multi-stemmed plants grow naturally in North American wetlands and near swamps, lakes, streams and ponds. The button bush produces beautiful one-inch flowers that look like white buttons with small, fuzzy hairs growing around them. Hummingbirds are especially drawn to the sweet nectar of button bush flowers, which bloom steadily June through August. These petite-looking plants have a bushy shape and unique two-inch leaves. The button bush attracts deer who enjoy feasting upon its fresh leaves as well as waterfowl who not only eat the foliage but use it for nest-building material. As perennials, the button bush sets a thick base and sturdy roots that are excellent for preventing soil erosion and contributing to the area's ecological needs. Brown seeds travel by wind and water for reproduction. The button bush is easy to grow, simple to maintain and successfully resists pests. Homeowners can use these plants as an excellent fencing solution on dry land. They can also be planted around ponds and can grow in water two feet deep. Fish and aquatic life enjoy these plants as well. Those who raise bees will also find the button bush as an abundance source of nectar for their honey-producing insects. Purchased live stakes sprout roots quickly in the summer when the sun is in full force; the plants also do well in partial sun. Button bush live stakes are shipped as a bare root plant and grow well in zones four to 10. As a classic garden shrub and decorative lawn ornament, the button bush live stake is a great way to fill bare landscapes with color quickly.

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