Compost Mulch - 3 Gallons

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Compost mulch 1-gallon bag is a good mulch and is full of nutrients and minerals that all soils need.
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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Compost Is Excellent For Making Garden Plants Pop With Color and Vibrancy

Folks that know their way around a garden call it "Black Gold," because it's an incredible catalyst for turning any soil into great stuff.

Compost can best be described as a decomposed organic matter that happens to contain a wealth of nutrients. It's the secret to a gorgeous green lawn that becomes healthy and nourished after it's laden with compost. Also, fertilizer is friendly to the environment and safer and cheaper than spreading nasty, potentially harmful chemicals across your grass.

Compost is sold in bags at your nursery, so you don't have to spend all the time and work collecting your own all year long for a compost bin. It's convenient to buy it in large bags to sprinkle where you like and have on hand whenever your soil needs instant feeding.

There are a few tips to spreading compost correctly, but the process is not complicated, and worth the steps we've outlined.

First, don't use a heavy hand when adding compost to your lawn. You don't want to choke the grass blades or block them from essential sunlight and oxygen. Th experts suggest putting a layer of compost on top of an existing lawn no more than one half inch deep.

A fancy fertilizer spreader is not required either; even better is a simple wheelbarrow and a shovel. Then go about your lawn, adding your compost. When you've completed that step, take a broom or rake to work it in and spread it more evenly.

That's it. Then, water your lawn and don't mow it for a week. Gradually, you will begin to see a lush, very green grass develop that will enhance your property like a gorgeous gem. Also, compost is ideal for beautiful rose bushes and other plants looking to maintain healthy growth and healthy blooms.

Compost might not look like the prettiest stuff on the planet, but it sure knows how to beautify everything that grows around your soil.

Consider compost, and boost your landscape's image ten-fold.