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Sweet William Dianthus

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- Sweet William - Dianthus barbatus Hardy Planting Zones - 3-9 Sun or Shade - Full or Partial Sun Mature Height - 12 - 24 " Mature Width - 3 - 5 " Bloom Season - Late Spring to Early Summer Gardener Status - Beginner
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Sweet Williams - Dianthus Barbatus

Found in a wide variety of colors the Sweet William is a perennial or biennial that produces disc-shaped blossoms that are intensely fragrant. They grow best in moist, fertile soil in full sun. Rising to a height of 1 to 3 feet they bloom in late spring to early summer. Sweet Williams adds a burst of color to a flower garden or landscape. Their height and compact size make them an ideal choice of flower for containers or planters. These flowers make an attractive border along a walkway or garden area. They work well as a filler for the garden or a large pot of mixed plants and flowers. These flowers, with their ruffle-edged blooms, add a touch of nostalgia or Victorian charm to a garden. They should be planted when the frost has passed.

Plants should be spaced approximately 6 inches apart. They are likely to need regular irrigation, but should not be over-watered. The leaves on these flowers are thin and slender and range in color from light green to dark green. There's an ideal balance of size between the leaves and the blooms. The beautiful clusters of pink, white, red, purple, burgundy and bi-colored blooms are cute but do not endure for an as long time as some other flowers. To get the maximum amount of pleasure from these flowers, you can cut them back after the first blooming and a second flowering period will occur. This allows you to enjoy a kaleidoscope of color in your yard from spring through summer. Birds, bees, and butterflies will become frequent visitors to your garden if you include Sweet Williams in the mix of flowers. As you walk through a garden where Sweet Williams are planted, an intense spicy aroma is likely to capture your attention. These dainty, durable, aromatic flowers are often planted in a cutting garden or a cottage garden.