Driftwood 10-12"

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Driftwood In Landscaping


Driftwood is marine debris which is the remains of trees and other objects that are in the water or have washed up onto a beach or shore of a sea, river, or lake by the action of tides, winds, or waves. As a partially decomposed wood, it floats in the ocean or washes ashore and provides food and shelter for fish, birds, other aquatic species, and plants and can become the foundation for dunes. Drift lumber can also include the remains of human-made buildings and contents, shipwrecked wooden ships or boats, or lost cargo from ships. Driftwood can be used in a variety of ways from landscaping to sculptures, decorative furniture, art forms, and more. Items are unique because no two pieces of driftwood are ever alike in shape, color, and texture. It is not difficult to work it in somewhere in your landscape as a focal point or as an element that compliments the existing natural environment. Driftwood, fortunately, is easily carved, sanded and finished if you don’t want to leave it just as it is in its beautiful natural state. You can use your imagination to creatively make unusual sculptures, birdhouses, lawn or garden furniture, benches, tables, stools, or more. It can be used for planters that can be placed on a wall or tree and which will soon be teaming with greenery and flowers from orchids, air plants, orchids, bromeliads, or succulents that have been attached. That would add a unique focal point to the designated area that you want to focus upon and improve. You can also add a significant driftwood piece to a pond for a natural look or use driftwood as retaining walls for flower beds or around trees or putlogs of it into the ground for natural fence posting.