Driftwood 12-16"

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Driftwood Creates Unique and Strong Landscape Accent


When you think of driftwood, you might imagine a large, oddly-shaped piece of wood that has washed up on the ocean shore. In its natural state of softened contours and sun-bleached colors, driftwood gives off a serene yet strong presence in one's garden or landscaped property. Driftwood should be considered as an appealing art form or a sculpture found in nature.

Not only do impressive shrubs, trees, and flowers define and beautify a property, but an elegant piece of driftwood can deliver a rustic charm like no other. Such wood can be curvy in shape with intricate branching or bold and bulky with rounded edges. To some who miss the sea and like to be reminded of its vast and incredible allure, driftwood can deliver the message and perfect symbol.

Imagination is all that is needed when adding a piece or more of driftwood to the landscape. No two driftwood are alike because these limbs and trunks can wash up from a river, pond or lake, as well as the ocean. Each shape and size are one of a kind, and the colors of the watered wood will vary in hue, depending on where the driftwood was found.

Driftwood can be left exactly as it is purchased, in its natural state from a nursery. For instance, arranging driftwood in the garden can create a stunning focal point, especially when colorful flowers are planted along it or climbing vines twined around the wood. The look of delicate flowers and bushes against a sturdy, intricately shaped piece of driftwood is gorgeous. Driftwood standing alone at a corner or along a border adds a one of a kind accent that is eye-catching and the envy of the neighborhood.

Driftwood is versatile because it can be sanded and carved into any distinctive shape you desire. The washed wood ashore can also be made into a garden bench, custom-made arbor that leads into an intimate courtyard, fence posts or is carved out as a planter.

Perhaps in its most striking form, driftwood combined with a watery scene along a landscape is both calming and exotic. For instance, a tropical landscape featuring driftwood used in tandem with a waterfall has such a natural fit. It lends an air of strength and movement to property.

Driftwood is an incredible accent for one's landscape, mainly for its perfect imperfections of lovely, branching details and hollow cavities. These washed ashore pieces of beauty will last for decades and add instant rustic appeal to the property.