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Driftwood's Many Great Uses in Landscaping

Driftwood is useful in a wide variety of artistic applications, and it only takes a little imagination to include a few unique pieces of the weathered wood in landscape design. The combination of flowers, shrubs and driftwood pieces give a uniquely natural feel to the nature lovers' garden. Although most pieces of driftwood are found along the seashore, it also shows up along the shores of many inland lakes. Driftwood pieces can come from fallen trees, branches or roots, but some parts may be from sunken boats or other wooden structures that were damaged by storms. The size and shape of driftwood give the creative homeowner many options when finding ways to include some in their landscape.

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Since driftwood has been exposed to the elements for years, any soft or decayed portions have been eroded away. This means the remaining wood is quite substantial and some of the longer pieces could be used to construct a garden fence or create a border along a pathway.

 The structure should be secured with nails or screws in stable fragments without cracks. Smaller, uniquely shaped or colored pieces could be used as an accent or a conversation piece anywhere an artistic homeowner desires. Some people live in an apartment or condo without access to any outdoor garden or landscape space of their own, but a patio or balcony is often available as outdoor living space. Container gardening is a possibility in this case, and a length of driftwood can be used as a trellis to support flower or vegetable vines.


Driftwood pieces make great souvenirs, so vacationers sometimes find a particular bit or two as they spend time relaxing on a scenic beach. Whether the weathered wood finds a home indoors or in the garden, driftwood is very durable and is sure to add artistic interest for many years.