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Eastern Red Cedar Plant – Juniperus Virginiana For Sale Online
Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern Red Cedar Tree

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    Eastern Red Cedar Tree - Juniperus virginiana

    Eastern Red Cedar is better described by its Latin name. This cedar is actually a member of the Juniper family. It is known for its fibrous reddish-brown bark and pinkish to dark red heartwood. The tree is commonly found in mid-western states east of Colorado and especially thrives in prairies, pastures and areas with limestone deposits. In fact, the region referred to by French and British settlers in North America as Baton Gouge, French for “red stick,” receives its name from this cedar’s distinctive color. Known to grow 80 feet and have a lifespan of more than 900 years the red cedar grows at a rate of 12 – 24 inches per year. These junipers require very little maintenance and are ideal for landscapers looking for a plant-and-forget-about tree that can thrive in nearly any environment. On farms, the juniper has been put to use in windbreak applications because of its extreme tolerance of unpleasant soil conditions and to heat. As as landscaping addition, the red cedar with its pyramidal shape at maturity, its blue and green foliage and small cones functions as an appealing stand alone centerpiece. The tree can also be used to enhance privacy cover of a property or simply to enjoy the appealing, insect-repelling fragrance of its aromatic oils. Red Cedar leaves and twigs are still used today in perfumes. Various parts of the trees have been used in natural medicines. Use of the juniper for consumption purposes dates back to Dutch, who added the berries to their gin distillations. The Eastern Red Cedar naturally draws several types of birds. Its dense needles make it an attractive source for the nesting requirements of several species including robins, mockingbirds, warblers and sparrows. The needles and fruit provide a source of food for browsers and cedar waxwings. This juniper makes a great addition to most any property. These hardy and attractive trees are delivered to the customers following the bare root technique, ensuring their quality upon arrival.

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