English Ivy Plant

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English Ivy Hedera helix Hardy Planting Zones - 4-8 Sun or Shade - Full Shade, Half Shade/Half Sun, Full Sun Mature Height - 4-6" Mature Width - 96" Bloom Season - Early to Late Summer Gardener Status - Beginner
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Easy To Grow English Ivy Plant

If you need a natural groundcover for various parts of your landscape under bare ground trees, or on unsightly walls and fences, then the English Ivy might be the perfect plant for you. This evergreen perennial is also fairly maintenance free making it an ideal choice.

The English Ivy plant can grow up to about 50 feet and spread to about 80 feet tall after several years of growth. In its second year, it produces flowers during the fall season.

During the growth spurt, the leaves and vines rapidly spread horizontally and vertically. Their aerial rootlets allow them to spread up trees and walls providing excellent coverage aggressively.

Due to their extensive coverage, they must be carefully watched if planted near trees. Even though their foliage can present a thick coat of beautiful evergreen leaves, it can quickly cover the bark and might prevent much-needed sunlight. Therefore, attention is suggested to avoid this from happening.

As a ground cover, the English Ivy is excellent for preventing weeds and quickly covering an unsightly bare ground. It grows best in shaded well-drained, moist soil. But many are successful is full sunlight. Soil requirements are average loam or soil with varying ph levels.

Hanging baskets are another popular use of English Ivy. Many condo and apartment dwellers prefer these on their patios. They’re easy to care for and present a beautiful plant arrangement.

Homeowners also use them in hanging baskets dispersed on patios, in sunrooms, and various parts of their homes. Some use them in pots containing stakes to provide a structure for climbing. Also, containers with a wireframe for their climbing needs can make beautiful plant displays.

With a little bit of creativity and imagination, English Ivy can provide the perfect plant for indoors or outdoors.

Tips on Growing English Ivy Plants

There is a bunch that can be done with English Ivy plants. Some gardeners choose to allow these plants to grow in geometrically shaped patches for curb appeal. Others plant them in tall urns to enable the vines to flow over the sides as they grow. Many famous gardens include whimsical English Ivy topiaries by training and trimming these plants into fanciful shapes.