Evergreens Provide Lush Greenery All Year

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Evergreens are a class of tree or shrub that retains its green foliage throughout the year. They lose leaves, needles, and foliage year in small numbers and continually grow new leaves. They can be in cold or warm climates, and moist or dry regions. The rainforest plants are considered evergreen due to the fact that they slowly lose and replace their leaves throughout the year. Conifers are generally found in colder climates, while warmer climates are typical of pines and cypresses. The Rhododendron is also a species of evergreen.

Soil Requirements

Evergreens can grow in poor soil, and they contribute to their own soil conditions as well. The leaves or needles fall to the ground and offer a more acidic soil than the soil would be otherwise. The soil also has a lower nitrogen content, which can nurture the growth of young evergreen seedlings. This is also to the detriment of deciduous trees, since this soil type will not promote growth in these types. The ratios of nutrients need to be adjusted for different plant types, with all plants needing a basic three, referred to in horticulture as NPK. This is an abbreviation for the elements Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Vitamin K (Potassium). For evergreens, the N ratio needs to be lower.

Use In Gardening And Landscaping

The beauty of an evergreen is undeniable, and the applications for landscaping are broad. The year-round lush green foliage can provide a beautiful garden in most climates without the worry of replanting or leaf loss during winter months. In the spring, adding colorful flowers will enhance the beauty of the evergreen varieties. With soil amendments and monitoring pH levels, growth for many plants can do well with evergreens. Some plants grow together with these trees and shrubs, such as ground covering, ferns, and wild geranium.

Versatility Of The Evergreen Species
Evergreen plants are generally easy to maintain, without demanding a lot of care. This is a popular species for businesses, and the home gardener alike due to the low maintenance requirements and beautiful green appearance every season. With a little attention, these plants can provide shade, a refuge for wildlife, and lovely garden.