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Evegreen Shrubs Make Excellent Year Round Color
Evergreens are a great plant choice for landscaping because they retain their coloring all year long. A few choices to consider when landscaping are privet plants, boxwoods and hemlock. Privet plants are often referred to as shrubs or hedges because they are commonly used in that capacity. They typically stay green year round in locations that experience mild winters. These plants can also tolerate poor soil conditions well. One type is the regal border privet, which is the easiest variety to maintain. This evergreen grows to a height of approximately 12 to 15 feet. The plant begins to flower in late May or early June when it produces strong smelling blooms. It also begins to produce black-blue colored berries in September that last throughout the winter. The foliage of the plant remains a lustrous, dark green color throughout the year, making it a wonderful year round landscaping choice. 

Boxwoods tend to grow more quickly and can be trimmed into shaped more easily than the other evergreens mentioned here. This variety of evergreen has dense foliage that makes it a good choice for more formal landscaping. These plants can also adapt to almost any soil type as long as they are placed in partial sunlight to prevent them from taking on a golden coloring in winter. One example is the winter gem boxwood. This variety only grows to a height and width of 4 to 6 feet, making it a great evergreen shrub for smaller hedges.

Hemlock comes in tree and shrub forms. Unlike more tolerant evergreens, they will not thrive in compacted or dry soil, but they do tolerate very cold weather extremely well. These evergreens are a bit difficult to establish, but they require very little maintenance once they are. Hemlock is also a more hardy evergreen plant with very few pests or diseases that can cause it harm.