Fast Grow Planting Soil

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Rich Potting Soil

Your plants need moisture, nutrients, air, and support to thrive. These things all develop through their roots, so a good planting soil is essential for healthy, happy plants. The rich potting soil is dark, and color and often feels fluffy. It retains moisture without suffocating plant roots and anchors the plant for better growth. The soil from your backyard may be too heavy, too sandy, or lacking in nutrients, and you may have to filter out rocks.

The ideal soil for most houseplants and landscaping plants is the nutrients and material balance of the rich potting soil. Planting soil is a perfect blend of several main ingredients. There's the organic matter, for nutrients and holding water. Sand is also a part of the mix because it allows air and water to penetrate into the soil. The same goes for perlite. Sphagnum peat moss is another ingredient that helps retain water. Most plants need to maintain a steady level of moisture around their roots, hence why potting soil focuses on providing moisture-retaining components.

Rich potting soil can help your flowers bloom, keep your houseplants green, and help establish new plants in your backyard. Use it as a "cushion" when transplanting a young plant into your property by filling in the spaces around its roots with potting soil. This will give it a buffer of nutrients and water as it adjusts to a whole new world. Garden vegetables and fruits will also appreciate potting soil. The nutrition they acquire through the soil goes into making delicious produce, so better soil means a better harvest. Since houseplants are limited to the soil in their containers, it's essential to change it out periodically for fresh soil as the nutrients are used up. You'll notice many houseplants perk right up when putting into new soil and a more significant pot. Potting soil isn't limited to potted plants--it benefits just about anything!