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Fern Plants

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Fern Plants In Landscaping

Fern plants are some of the most unique and beautiful additions to a home garden. More than 12,000 varieties exist, which means it is easy to find ferns that thrive in practically every growing condition from extreme temperatures to a wide range of soil conditions. Every fern has a bit of a different look to it as well so homeowners can satisfy their unique visual preferences. Ferns can vary texture, color, scent, size and growth rate. Homeowners desiring to start a fern garden or add fern plants to a wooded area may want to observe what types of ferns grow naturally in the geographical location where they live to make the best selections.

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Almost all fern plants prefer light to heavy shade and moist soil

During the heat of the summer, mulching can help fern plants retain their moisture in between watering or rain. Although ferns are extremely hardy plants as a group, they grow best in soils with lots of organic matter, a neutral range of acidity, and good drainage. Many ferns can be slow-growing immediately after planting, but once they get their root systems established, they often survive difficult growing conditions. They are generally resistant to both pests and diseases. The wide variety of ferns available make them a great choice for those shady nooks and crannies around the home and landscape that are calling for foliage. Tall forms can reach three feet in height and are lovely choices for prime shady spots that can be seen throughout the season. Some ferns showcase beautiful silvery-green foliage in the winter, accenting other garden areas that have unique winter appearances. Smaller ferns can be selected to border the shady spots near the home or in front of larger shade-loving plants. Small ferns can add unique features such as ruffly fronds or tasseled-ends to any landscape.

Fern Plants Are Hardy In Most Zones and Our Native Fern Plants Are Drought Tolerant and Disease & Pest Resistant