Fragrant Sumac Shrub

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Latin Name- Rhus Aromatic Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 2-4 ft Width- 6-10 ft Sun or Shade- Sun OR Partial Shade
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Fragrant Sumac - Rhus aromatica

Fragrant sumac is a woody shrub native to the USA, and western central Mexico. Fragrant sumac can also be found growing in Canada. Fragrant sumac gets its name from the citrus aroma that can be produced by crushing its stems or leaves. This shrub changes its colors drastically with the seasons. Fragrant sumac's leaves are green during the spring and summer and turn vibrant shades of red and orange during the fall. Fragrant sumac can add a solid pop of color to any landscape.

Fragrant Sumac tolerates a wide variety of conditions. It can tolerate low moisture and thrives in sun, partial shade, and full shade. It can grow in a large selection of soil settings including dry, rocky, sandy, loamy, clay and limestone-based soils.

These shrubs are for attracting wildlife. Fragrant sumac berries are great for birds. Their flowers also attract butterflies. In spite of all the fragrant wildlife sumac attracts, these shrubs are very deer resistant.

Fragrant sumac is located throughout the United States; this native plant has aromatic foliage and bright red berries during the winter months.

This hardy, low-growing shrub withstands poor soil conditions well, provided the soil is well-drained. In gardens, fragrant sumac prefers slightly acidic soil that is medium to dry. Fragrant sumac is drought, deer and rabbit resistant, but attracts butterflies and birds.

In landscaping, fragrant sumac shrubs provide ground cover and are suitable for stabilizing areas that are susceptible to erosion, such as dams. Fragrant sumac is particularly useful as a ground cover in areas with poor soil conditions. The shrub naturally forms thickets when left undisturbed. Fragrant sumac is suitable for planting in clusters or dense colonies or can be planted alone as an accent in butterfly gardens. Add Fragrant sumac to your garden today!

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