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Ginko Bilboa Tree

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Description: Latin Name- Maidenhair Hardy Planting- 3-8 Mature Height-50-80 Width-30-40 Sun or Shade- Partial Shade
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    Gingko Biloba Trees - Ships In Sizes 1-3 Feet in Height

    The Gingko Biloba tree has the distinction of being a living fossil with the discovery of its fossilized leaves going back to 270 million years. This beautiful ornamental tree will not only add interest to your property but also as a great source of shade. The Gingko Biloba is a deciduous tree with unusual fan shaped leaves that are two to three inches in length and width.

    With its spreading canopy, it will provide a lovely cover for your garden. The pyramidal shape of the Gingko Biloba will give your garden, front yard or sidewalk plot a professionally landscaped look. In autumn, the leaves of the Gingko Biloba turn a brilliant shade of yellow, signaling the change of seasons in a most dramatic way. This is a versatile tree that can be grown to maturity to provide a shade lined street or used for Japanese bonsai.

    The Gingko Biloba is an easy tree to grow and care for. It does well in hardiness zones four through nine in the United States. It is an adaptable tree that thrives in almost all kinds of soil including clay, loamy, acidic, alkaline, moist and well-drained soil. While this tree will hold up well in drought conditions it should not be planted in very dry climates. 

    The Gingko Biloba has an average growth speed of thirteen inches to twenty-four inches per year. It can grow to a height of twenty-five feet to fifty feet with a canopy of twenty-five to thirty-five feet. Plant this tree in a location that will get at least four hours of direct sunlight per day. The Gingko Biloba is pest and heat resistant and it is tolerant of urban pollutants. It is a low maintenance tree requiring only regular watering and fertilizing to maturity.
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