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Goats beard

Goats Beard Plant


Description: Goats Beard - Aruncus Dioicus Hardy Planting Zones- 3-7 Sun or Shade – Sun and Part Shade Mature Height - Up to 6' Mature Width- Up to 6' Bloom Season – Late Spring to Early Summer Gardener Status- Beginner
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  • Product Description

    Goat's Beard Plant - Aruncus dioicus

    Goat's Beard is a hardy perennial plant often used in gardening and landscaping to fill in empty space. It's a fairly tall plant, with an average mature height of 3-6 feet tall and a width of up to 6 feet. It's important to leave plenty of room for this plant to spread out, as it's growth isn't quite as fast as some other ground cover plants. This plant might take a few years to reach its full height and width, but the effect it provides is well worth the wait. Along with providing ground cover, Goat's Beard performs well with other plants and is appropriate for flower beds. The plant has springy green foliage that bushes out and provides plenty of ground cover, along with pretty white blooms in the summer months. It can also be used by a backyard fountain or pond, as it enjoys moist areas. 

    Goat's Beard is very easy to grow. The plant is rated as "Hardy" by the USDA and is appropriate for zones 3 -7 on their plant hardiness chart. It's recommended that you allow Goat's Beard more sun in cooler northern climes, and more shade in warm southern ones. The most important requirement is to make sure the plant is shaded in the afternoons and isn't catching the full force of the sun. 

    To thrive, Goat's Beard needs moist ground and soil with plenty of nutrients, so make sure you're choosing the right spot before you plant. It is deer resistant, so if you've had a problem with nibbling animals, this might be just the plant for you, especially as it can be used as a screen. Make sure to keep the plant free from grubs and bugs that might ruin its beautiful foliage, then step back and let Goat's Beard grow into a wonderful garden feature!

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    1. Nice shade of flower

      This perennial has a lovely full bloom, looks good on Apr 1st 2017

    2. Have a field full

      I think I must have planted about 30 in a open field and now the its full of white flowers. on Apr 1st 2017

    3. Well packaged, good variety

      This company has a good variety to choose from and all of my purchased have been of healthy plants on Mar 31st 2017

    4. Really taking off

      Growing faster than I thought and doing well on Mar 31st 2017

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