Golden Privet Hedge

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Latin Name- Golden Ligustrum Hardy Planting Zone- 5-8 Mature Height- 4-15 ft Width- 4-8 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun
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Golden Privet Hedge - Ligustrum Vicaryi

Golden Privet Hedge has leaves that are a fiery yellow color. These can be green or purple, but it depends on the present climate. These shrubs are best in moist soil and kept in a lot of suns. Other than that these plants are super low maintenance and can quickly be grown. The golden privet also manages to attract lots of bees and other insects. The shrubs can also have a glossy look to their leaves. In southern regions, these plants most likely will keep their yellow color unlike the ones in the northern areas that will keep their purplish colors.

Privet hedges are known for a dense growth habit that provides shade, wind protection, and privacy. Golden privet hedge stands out from the rest because of its bright, variegated leaves. Unlike other privets, the golden privet is a bit small. Its golden leaves achieve their full-color potential when the plant is grown in full sun and shearing is kept light. The leaves complete their peak yellow in the spring but maintain some color throughout the rest of the year. Regardless of your zone, keeping your plant healthy and golden means planting it in well-draining soil and watering it as needed. Golden privet will not tolerate excess moisture, so it is better to water the plant only when the ground is dry.

Golden Privet is adaptable and forgiving plants. Even if you hear them too much one season, they will still bring you golden leaves the following spring. Some growers like to trim privets into boxes and other shapes, while other growers prefer to keep them in a more natural state. Their natural growth habit provides softness to the corners of a home, but when pruned and shaped they can accentuate borders or act as markers along property lines. Like other privet varieties, these plants produce flowers in the spring and fruit in the fall. The flowers attract butterflies and other pollinators while the fruit attracts birds and other wildlife, making the golden privet an excellent choice for natural gardens.