Grass Mulch - 5 Gallons

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Grass mulch 1-gallon bag is a great way to provide protection and also an excellent way to bring vitamins and nutrients back into the soils around plants, shrubs, and trees.
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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

How Grass Mulch Benefits Plants

Grass mulch is an easy-to-use, useful product that can be a great addition to many home gardens. Grass mulch can help plants retain moisture especially in dry conditions, cool the area around the plants' roots in hot weather, discourage weed growth and pests, and supplement nitrogen and potassium to the plant itself. Studies show that grass mulch can return about a quarter of the nutrients consumed through the growth of the plant.

Ideally, the area to be mulched should be weeded and cleaned up first, which will improve the pest and weed-blocking properties of the grass mulch. Apply a thin layer of grass mulch the first day, and then more can be slowly added over time. Continue this weeding first, mulching the second routine throughout the season for best results.

Once the weather turns cooler, grass mulch can be incorporated directly into the soil in preparation for the following spring. Homeowners can use grass mulch to prepare the area where they plan to expand their garden the next year. Grass mulch adds nitrogen and can be balanced with things like sawdust or dried leaves that add carbon. Mixing all of these items into the soil about eight inches deep will help feed the area. By the following spring, these things will have formed a nutrient dense spot to add new plants.

Another great use of grass mulch is to help homeowners begin a home compost pile. Grass mulch can be alternated with brown materials to help start a compost pile that will put kitchen scraps and garden waste to good use. Finished compost can be used generously throughout a garden.

The best grass mulch will contain a variety of grasses, which can help vary the texture of the mulch as well as the nutritional value. Grass mulch may also attract beneficial wildlife to a homeowner's garden.