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Grasses In Landscaping Is Becoming Very Popular

There are numerous ways to use grasses in your landscape. Ornamental grasses are low-maintenance. Most varieties are relatively drought tolerant. Unlike some landscaping plants, ornamental grass can provide visual interest to your landscape throughout all seasons. Certain types of ornamental grass can be planted as a group to create a focal point in the view. Tall grasses can be used as a backdrop for flowering annuals and perennials. Grasses are typically grouped into two categories. Clumping varieties remain in a compact form and are often used to create a privacy screen around a yard, pool or patio. Running grasses spread rather quickly and are best used as a ground cover. Grasses can be used as an effective noise barrier or as a screen to hide unattractive nearby views. You can use all varieties of green near or around obstacles that distract from the beauty of your landscape. You can conceal storage buildings; a garbage can station or heating and cooling units with clumping ornamental grass.

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Including ornamental grasses in your landscape design is an invitation to birds to stop by


Birds like the seeds from the grass. The grass also provides somewhat of a haven for birds and small animals. Your landscape can be a delight for the senses in you add ornamental grasses to the design. These grasses will provide diverse textures, movement, and sound to your landscape. As you explore the various types of grasses that are available for landscape design, evaluate their composition, the color of their foliage, their blooms, if applicable, and their growth pattern. Certain varieties of grasses are ideal for planting on a hillside. They can help protect your landscape by preventing soil erosion.

It is often recommended that erosion-preventing grasses be planted with shrubs, trees and ground covers to gain the maximum amount of erosion prevention.