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Ground Covers - Ideal In Landscaping For Weed Control

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Ground covering plants, like pink phlox plants, blue phlox plants, English ivy plants, partridge berry plants and periwinkle plants, do well in sunlight.
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Enhance your landscaping with the many varieties of ground cover plants

As most seasoned gardeners and landscapers know, using ground cover plants are ideal for that extra color and woodsy feel. Ground cover plants are excellent in some difficult gardening areas such as walkways, hillsides, edging and for erosion control. Ground cover plants come in a great variety of textures and colors. Some very drought resistant and others perfect for lining the hidden stone walkway and also tolerates foot traffic.

Ground cover plants range from small cropped mounds to tall lush grass. The colors range from the darkest green to the brightest yellow. Some ground covers are evergreens and keep their bristles all season, while others lose their leaves seasonally. If you live in a dryer area where drought is an issue, you cannot go wrong with planting some thyme ground cover, hardy in zones 5-9 and grows best in well-drained soil. Thyme has a wonderful fragrance and does flower. Not only can you use the fresh or dried thyme for cooking, but the plant also stands up to mild foot traffic. Add some thyme ground cover to your walkway to enhance the beauty of your yard, remember that thyme does best in full sun.

If you are looking for an excellent ground cover to boarder that hidden path to your secret garden, try sweet woodruff, best in zones 4-8 in moist but rich well-drained soil. Enjoy the lacy foliage and sweet white flowers along with a wonderful scent to engage all your senses. Sweet woodruff enjoys the shady areas of your yard, flowers typically appear in mid-spring. This ground cover can reach heights of 6 to 12 inches, accent trees, and shrubs by planting sweet woodruff in the shade of the branches.

Brass buttons, best in zones 5-9, is an evergreen ground cover that forms in small clumps or mounds, they will create a small button-like flower and typically stay around 3 inches high. This groundcover thrives in the moist but well-drained soil. Brass buttons, originally from New Zealand, is ideal for rock gardens and will do best in full sun. The foliage ranges from shades of black to almost a heather grey. Brass buttons are a low maintenance ground cover that also does well in container gardening.

No garden or yard is complete without the woodsy presence of a ground cover plant. With so many varieties, you can find a suitable plant for every area of your yard.

Vines do more than add beauty to a garden or landscape. Some vines prevent soil erosion and enhance the soil.