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Ground moss

Ground Moss

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Description: Ground Fern Moss- Thuidium delicatulum Hardy Planting Zones 1-9 Sun or Shade- Shade/Partial Shade Mature Height- 4-5 feet Mature Width- 5-6 feet Bloom Season- all year Gardener Status- Beginner
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    Ground Moss-Hypnum cupressiforme

     Hypnum cupressiforme exists in a number of varieties and can grow on wood and rock, under the right conditions, lending an earthy, sylvan quality to the home garden. Hypnum moss, a.k.a. "sheet moss," is hardy, durable, and makes for a great alternative to traditional grasses in providing ground cover. Low-growing at 2-10 centimeters high, hypnum moss quickly creeps between flagstone accents and requires only a little sun and water to make a lush evergreen carpet. Hypnum moss is fast-growing, thrives in complete or partial shade, and can survive in a wide range of soil types. It has no true roots and absorbs water and nutrients directly through stems and leaves, making it especially tolerant of varied growing conditions; it is capable of thriving in zones 3-9. The leaves are long and thin, overlapping to give the appearance of miniature cypress trees in a range of greens: rusty with golden hues to pale emerald. Hypnum moss provides a wonderful contrast to other shade plants such as alumroot, hellebores, and ferns, and keeps the garden healthy by holding in moisture and protecting against erosion. Mosses are both practical and visually appealing with multiple species to suit the individual needs of the discerning gardener. Working with moss is a unique way to highlight larger, broad-leaved plants, but moss can also stand alone as an entire moss lawn. Sold in mats up to 25 square feet or more, even a small sheet will go along way after three months. Highly resistant to foot traffic, hypnum especially is low maintenance and is an option for the beginner looking to elevate an existing garden or to start completely from scratch. Hypnum cupressiforme is a subtle addition that will soothe and relax visitors with its aged, romantic appeal.
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