Hardstem Bulrush

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Latin Name-Schoenoplectus acutus Hardy Zone- 5-11 Mature Height- 4ft Width-3-6ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun
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Hardstem Bulrush - Schoenoplectus Acutus

The Hardstem Bulrush is a hardy plant that is drought resistant. At maturity, it will reach a height of four feet. It's a fast grower and will spread quickly. Hardstem Bulrush provides shelter for wildlife year round, and it's springtime flowers bring more wildlife. It is excellent for planting next to lakes, marshes, or garden ponds. It is an adaptable plant.

Hardstem bulrush has various common names that include common tule or hard stem tule, tule rush, or viscid bulrush. Hardstem bulrushes that line coastal regions or riparian zones along streams or other bodies of water play an essential role in reducing erosion in their respective ecological systems. The hardstem bulrush is a perennial plant species that are pollinated by wind and grows best in moist, bare soil. This aquatic is also ecologically significant in that is provides cover for small mammals and birds observed in the region where hard stem bulrushes thrive and also provides food in the form of tiny seeds. This species also has agricultural uses in that it is rich in starch and permits to the creation of bread using cereal fibers combined with the ground powder from the plant itself. However, it is an incredible plant that grows well in uncrowded ecosystems or those that have been recently smoldered by fires.

The bulrushes have numerous potential applications in our modern society. To name just a few, these are beneficial for wildlife food and cover, extensive control of erosion, wetland restoration, soil stabilization, and for the enhancement of biodiversity of plant species in riparian zones and wetlands alike. The rhizomes present bulrushes form a matrix that can support many beneficial species of bacteria, making this plant an excellent choice for potential wastewater treatment plans. In short, even though hard stem bulrushes do not possess many ornamental applications for homeowners and freelance gardeners, the possible uses of the plant in the industry seems very promising for the future.