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Horsetail Grass – Equisetum Hyemale Plant For Sale Online
Horsetail sedge

Horsetail Grass


Description: Latin Name-Equisetum Hyemale Hardy Zone-4-9 Mature Height-2-4ft Width-1-6ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun
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  • Product Description

    Horsetail sedge - Equisetum hyemale

    Horsetail sedge is a good choice for people looking to grow a tall, ornamental, reed-style plant. It is similar in texture, color and segmentation to bamboo. It may form cones at the top of its reeds, but this plant does not flower. 

    Horsetail is a fast growing plant that typically grows 3-4 feet in height, making it a good choice for gardeners looking for a way to add vertical height to a garden or pond. 

    Horsetail requires constant access to water, making it a wonderful addition to ponds or other water-based landscape features. It thrives in pots that do not have drainage holes, and will also do well in sandy soil or soil that is heavy with clay. It needs little fertilization, as it will take the nutrients it needs from the soil or pond water in which it is planted.

    This hardy plant can withstand both cold and heat. It does however need access to sunlight. Horsetail does best in sunny areas, though it can tolerate areas that are partly shady. It will not grow in full shade. 

    Dragonflies, a form of natural pet control, love using Horsetail as a perch. Other insects typically avoid feasting on it. 

    This is not a plant for the set-it and forget-it type of gardener. Horsetail sedge likes to be the dominant plant, no matter where it is planted. If planted in the ground, it will require pruning to keep it from overtaking its surroundings. Planting horsetail in containers is a simple way to keep it from spreading.

    Containers with Horsetail can placed strategically around (or in) landscaped ponds. They can be set on walkways or interspersed with low lying plants to add height and texture. It also makes a great “filler” plant and can be used to cover otherwise bare patches of landscaping.
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