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Huckleberry bush

Huckleberry Bush

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    Huckleberry - Vaccinium membranaceum

    The huckleberry is a shrub in the Ericaceae family and is closely related to cranberries and blueberries. The shrub will grow to be 2-3 feet tall but can grow as tall as 10 feet if it is in enough shade. These are considered evergreen plants and will keep a green color throughout the year. New leaves on a huckleberry plant will be a bronze or red in color. As they age, they will turn into a glossy green color. The shape of the leaf is a jagged, serrated edge, around 1 inch in length. The leaves assume a leathery rough texture. In the spring months of April or May, the plant will blossom. Usually the blossoms will produce pale pink flowers. Huckleberry plants produce huckleberries that will change color as they mature. They will start out green and then turn to a deep purple almost black color when ready to eat. If you are planting from seeds, then it is important to start them indoors 6 weeks before the last frost. You can also purchase established bushes and plant those in the early spring or fall. You can attempt to transplant wild huckleberry bushes, but often these attempts fail as they don’t take well to being moved. Huckleberries prefer a hardiness zone of 4-8. They require acidic soil with a pH range of 4.3-5.2. You can treat your soil to get the desired acidity. The soil should be well drained, and it is important to not get the foliage wet or over water the plants. They do well in sun, but you will have larger plants with a higher yield of berries if there is at least some shade. These berries are a hit with both man and beast. Black and grizzly bears will eat the leaves, roots, stems, and berries. Elk and deer also will eat from the plant. Birds will target the berries specifically. Huckleberries have a tart flavor and are often perfect for pies and jams.
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