Jewel Weed Plant

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Climate zone: 2-11, Mature height: 2-6 ft, Blooming season: Summer, Soil conditions: Moist, Botanical name: Capensis, Ship as: Bareroot
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Jewelweed Plant - Impatiens capensis

The Jewelweed plant loves semi-shady areas and blossoms with jewel-like flowers in vibrant orange hues with decorative specks of red-orange accents. This annual can grow two to five feet in height and can be found from early Spring to the first frost of Winter. Jewelweed is widespread in the moist areas of Northern and Eastern sections of the United States.

Jewelweed is a tall annual which takes its common name from two distinctive characteristics. The first origin of the name comes from the blue-green leaves, which feature a waxy coating that allows rain and dew to bead up and sparkle like jewels. These leaves grow up to three-and-a-half inches long and are oval, with coarse teeth along the edges. The second trait that lends to the plant’s descriptive name comes from its brilliant orange to yellowish orange cornucopia-shaped blooms. The flowers, which are the source of its other nickname, the spotted touch-me-not, feature reddish spots that add to their visual interest. These flowers are about an inch long and are made up of five petals. Together, the unique characteristics combine to form one jewel of a plant.

This wide range of appropriate zones makes the jewelweed plant an enriching and colorful element for nearly any garden across the country. Another advantage of this gorgeous herb is that it tolerates medium, wet, and clay soils. Not only are the flowers bright and showy, but they attract desirable wildlife to the landscape, such as butterflies and hummingbirds. Jewelweed is practical as well; the leaves, as well as the liquid from the stem, serve as an adequate traditional Native American remedy for poison ivy and other skin irritations. Beauty, function, and ease of care make Impatiens capensis the perfect complement to any landscaping display. And the quick growth rate means instant gratification, with very little wait time to maturity once the plant arrives.