Lady Fern

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Lady Fern - Athyrium filix-femina Hardy Planting Zones - 3-8 Sun or Shade – Partial shade to full shade Mature Height - 24"-48" Mature Width- 24"-36" Bloom Season – Not applicable Gardener Status- Beginner
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Lady Fern - Athyrium Filix Femina

The Lady Fern is a deciduous fern that is easy to maintain and works well in many different types of gardens. While it prospers in moist, shady areas, it also grows well in dry, sunny spots. It's native to both the United States and Alaska and is frequently found in wooded areas or along creeks and streams. The light, green leaves of the Lady Fern bring a bright and cheery look to a variety of landscapes. While it can grow between 2 and 5 feet tall, its lacy fronds can get quite large and be as long as 3 feet and as wide as 1 foot. If not pruned regularly, it can spread as wide as 7 feet in diameter. Since it's a deciduous plant, the bright green leaves fall after the first frost. Its hardiness makes it an ideal plant for even the coldest climates. Being that it doesn't require much sun, it works well in shady areas like under a tree or along the side of a house. The Lady Fern's feminine name goes well with its lovely, supple appearance.

Its long, flowy leaves cascade gracefully to the ground, lending a soft and gentle look to such a sturdy, robust plant. Lady Fern - Athyrium Felix Femina is a feathery species of fern with long fronds. It is native to the northern hemisphere. The Lady Fern is often grown for decoration and thrives in damp and shady woodland environments. It has an elegant and graceful appearance, and its reproductive structures are concealed inconspicuously on the frond. The Lady Fern is typically divided into two species, the narrow lady fern, and the southern lady fern. The southern lady ferns base has a broader fond. Both species have fronds that come out of a central point as a clump.