Leaf Mulch - 5 Gallons

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For people who love gardening, mulch is one of the greatest blessings to enrich the nutrients of the soil.
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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Leaf mulch Is more than meets the eye

When the fall season comes, it brings with it the fall of all the leaves off the trees which cover your garden. The colors of the beautiful leaves can make your yard and/ or garden look cozy during the fall and winter months, but there comes a time in the spring when the leaves are raked up and once in the piles, can serve a new purpose. To the surprise of many, leaves can be re-purposed and turned into mulch which feeds the ground packing it full of nutrients and minerals in the spring and summer seasons. Leaves that have been raked up into the piles after falling from the trees in fall and winter can be re-used and turned into leaf mulch!

Once you rake the leaves into piles, They have to be shredded by a machine such as a leaf blower or lawn mower; you can then put them into simple compost bins and layer them with a nitrogen and grass clipping mixture. The dead leaves require a few months to cure in the compost bin with the nitrogen mixture which continues to dry out the leaves and pack them together. When the warmer months come and gardens are planted, the leaf mulch has had time to cure and is ready to be laid out in the yard. The leaf mulch serves to hold in moisture from evaporation for the plants to continue feeding off of, and as it decomposes it gives nutrients to the soil which helps plants flourish. Leaf mulch is a great garden fertilizer! Leaf mulch is a perfect plant protectant. Placement of leaves around the base of your fragile plants helps protect them from low temperatures in winter weather. It also is a great organic way to fertilize plants and protect them with lots of nutrients for maximum protection.