Live Stakes - Ideal For Wetland Areas

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Live Stakes are plants that enhance landscaping, and they are used to preserve, pods, lakes, streams, and any other wetland. Just like any other plant, for a Live Stake to survive, it has to be provided with, sunlight, soil, and water.
Willows and the red osier dogwood are the best species of a live stake. They have the best root strength; hence, they proliferate. You can also include the Black cottonwood on the species. However, its cuttings are slow in growth when compared to other species.
To plant them, you need to get a cutting from of a growing live stake. You should make sure that you plant a live stake in an area that will never go dry. This is because the plant needs a lot of water for it to grow. The stream banks and water line are the ideal places for planting them.
The guidelines below will help you know the best hardwood live stakes to plant. Since there are many species, it is best if you consider the following species.
1. Silky Dogwood. It grows into a beautiful spring flowering plant that will beautify your area. It is easy to develop since it has some healthy and robust root system.
2. River Birch. It is an excellent species if you wish to do landscaping. It does well in places that are moist. The riverbanks are the best places to plant this tree.
3. Black Willow. They grow to be tall with lovely looks. They are the best shade trees that one can consider once they are mature. They have strong roots in helping them survive in moist areas.
You should plant the live stakes during the dormant seasons; however, one can also plant the tree during any season of the year. For the plant to do well, you should consider soaking the cutting.
There are other types of live stakes species available. One should consider their reason to have the tree to choose the best species. Type a description for this product here...