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lombardy poplar trees for sale online
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Lombardy Poplar Tree

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Description: Common Name- Lombardy poplar Latin Name- Populus nigra Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9a Mature Height- 50-60 feet Mature Width- 10-15 feet Bloom Season- Early sprin
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    Lombardy Poplar Tree- Size When Shipped Is 1-3 Feet

    Lombardy Poplar is a very tall and thin tree. As it grows, it keeps a very narrow shape. The tree has diamond-shaped leaves. It displays an amazing color change. It goes from a light green to a bright golden hue. The tree produces small flowers in the spring. These flowers are sometimes hard to see because of their size. The tree wears a green-gray bark when it is young and turns black as it ages. In summer, the leaves on the tree are green on one side and turn silver on the other. It's in the fall that the tree turns a light golden color.

    This tree thrives in full sun. The drainage should also be good. It will accept acidic or alkaline soil. It matures at a height of up to sixty feet and spreads around twelve feet. The tree’s hardiness zone is 3 through 9. This tree normally grows very fast and will grow in a variety of conditions and climates. It loves water. The tree should not be grown near a septic or sewer line. The tree loves full sun but can tolerate some shade. Many landscapers and homeowners use the tree as a privacy screen. When planted in rows, they form a striking visual display. The tree is loved by its fans because of it’s unusual shape and the speed at which grows. It is a stately tree which points to the heavens. If grown, this tree should be planted in full sun. The soil used should be acid and well-drained. It can thrive in wet soil and performs well even in drought. In dry summers, it can lose its leaves early.

    Lombardy Poplar is a beautiful stately tree. When several Lombardy Poplar are planted together, the visual effect is striking. This tree will make any outdoor space even ore beautiful.
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