Magnolia Tree

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Sweet Bay Magnolia / Magnolia virginiana Hardy Planting Zones - 5 to 9 Mature Height - 10 to 35 feet, on average Mature Width - 10 to 35 feet, on average Bloom Season - late spring/early summer, typically May to June Sun or Shade - Full sun
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Magnolia Tree 

The Advantages of Planting Magnolia Trees

The appearance and care may vary from species to species, but the Magnolia tree carries a plethora of benefits regardless of what particular strand it is. Magnolia trees were first discovered naturally growing in the countries of China and Japan over 100 million years ago. They have been historically utilized as a form of Asian medicine. Magnolia tree bark and flower of Magnolia can be used to treat various indigestion and sinus afflictions.

The advantages of Magnolia trees don't just stop at their health benefits. Many forms of Magnolia sieboldi come with powers specific to their species. A good example is the Southern Magnolia tree that is known for providing ample shade to passersby with its expansive 40-80 foot height and 40-foot spread. Many homeowners use the Southern Magnolia tree as a way to offer their homes in a more private setting along fenced-in areas.

Overall care in regards to Magnolia trees may differ regarding their species, but they all still require a minimal amount of watering. Many Magnolia trees are incredibly drought-resistant. The species that require the most watering even only need to be watered approximately once per week. Their minimal care requirements make them an excellent choice for almost any planter. Magnolia trees also live over 100 years total which makes them a significant long-term investment.

Planting a Magnolia tree in your backyard will provide you with both short-term benefits and advantages in the future as well. A tree that can provide you with such a long list of benefits with such a minimal amount of care is hard to come by. After planting a Magnolia tree you will be met with advantages that have been benefiting humanity for over 100 million years, and you'll have one right in your backyard!